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The latest federal filing shows GOP Gov. Scott Walker still has nearly $900,000 in debt from his unsuccessful presidential run, and that donations to retire it dipped last month. [Read More]
Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm has asked the nation's top court to overturn a decision by Wisconsin Supreme Court to shut down an investigation into Gov. Scott Walker and groups on the... [Read More]
The court's conservative majority split in upholding Superintendent Tony Evers' authority over public schools. [Read More]
A divided Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling has dealt Gov. Scott Walker a loss, upholding a ruling that keeps the state education secretary independent. [Read More]
In a passionate speech to graduates, Thompson called UW-Madison faculty members "some of the greatest professors in the United States of America." [Read More]
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is the top choice to serve as presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's vice president, a new poll shows. According to the latest Rasmussen Reports survey of registered... [Read More]
His disastrous and short-lived presidential bid now a distant memory, Gov. Scott Walker can finally get back to meddling with affairs of state in Wisconsin.  Just look what's happening in the state capital,... [Read More]
You all remember Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker: Failed presidential candidate, employee of the month for Koch Industries, and an all-around awful guy. Well, he is still governor of ... [Read More]
The governor and Republican leaders seem to believe that citizens should be satisfied by their efforts. Polling shows the citizens are not satisfied. [Read More]
Walker is going out of his way to accuse some of our state's most accomplished professors and researchers of being nothing more than a bunch of overpaid, whiny, lazy do-nothings. [Read More]
Not to get all inside-baseball, but news releases issued by Gov. Scott Walker are usually pretty plain, like the white chalk lines that meet at home plate. So, it was a surprise to... [Read More]
a far-Left, borderline serial criminal whose presidency would be rocket-fueled by Read More ... [Read More]
a far-Left, borderline serial criminal whose presidency would be rocket-fueled by revenge. Courtesy of A. F. Branco Hillary will spend four to eight years auditing conservatives, stripping pro-freedom groups of their... [Read More]
according to Morning Consult conducted a survey of more than 66,0…... [Read More]
UW-Milwaukee faculty, instructor respond to "insulting rhetoric about greedy, lazy professors." [Read More]
Rauner's in good company: Chris Christie, Scott Walker and Rick Snyder top the list. [Read More]
UW-Milwaukee became the fourth University of Wisconsin System campus to see professors declare they have no confidence in the system's leaders Tuesday. [Read More]
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is also weighing in, saying the faculty members "fail to grasp reality." [Read More]
The move will cost taxpayers $1.125 million in interest over the next eight years. [Read More]
Scaramucci previously served as a national finance co-chairman for Mitt Romney's 2012 campaign and for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's 2016 campaign. [Read More]
is uncomfortably close. Most of the arguments pro and con have been aired ad nauseam.#ad#The choice is difficult for principled conservatives, because no sooner should they decide to vote for Trump than Trump... [Read More]
is uncomfortably close. Most of the arguments pro and con have been aired ad nauseam. #ad#The choice is difficult for principled conservatives, because no sooner should they decide to vote for Trump... [Read More]
Looking ahead, one of our biggest challenges is finding enough people to fill all the new jobs being created in Wisconsin. [Read More]
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's presidential ambitions may have fizzled out long ago, but that just means he can rededicate himself to making life pointlessly miserable for his state's working ... [Read More]
Drug testing applicants for unemployment benefits is illegal, but that's not holding him back. [Read More]
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has approved an emergency rule requiring certain citizens to pass a drug test in order to receive unemployment benefits. ... [Read More]
Gov. Scott Walker has approved a rule implementing drug screening requirements for unemployment benefits. ... [Read More]
The governor recently approved the submitted emergency rule. [Read More]
 Governor Scott Walker approved an emergency rule submitted by the Department of Workforce Development (DWD), which requires certain Wisconsin citizens receiving unemployment insurance (UI) to pass... [Read More]
Governor Scott Walker on Wednesday, May 4th approved a rule requiring certain Wisconsinites receiving unemployment insurance benefits to pass a drug test. "This new rule brings us o…... [Read More]
Scott Walker provided Ted Cruz critical support in the Wisconsin primary, but will support Donald Trump now that he is the the presumptive Republican nominee. Walker told reporters in Milwaukee that Trump would... [Read More]
It may not have been enthusiastic, but Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) told reporters Wednesday morning he will support presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in his bid for the ... [Read More]
Governor coming to UWSP as campaign stunt... [Read More]
Scott Walker endorses Ted Cruz in Indiana... [Read More]
Governor Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) struggled Friday to explain why the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) has failed to recover any taxpayer money given out to companies that have o... [Read More]
Ted Cruz has shown that he is not intimidated by the Washington power brokers. He will restore the government to the people. [Read More]
Gov. Scott Walker's administration wants to shift multibillion dollar programs serving more than 55,000 elderly and disabled people from long-standing nonprofits and to national for-profit health insurance companies. [Read More]
Prosser, a former Assembly speaker, was last elected in 2011. His decision to step down hands Gov. Scott Walker another opportunity to appoint a new justice and put his imprint on the state's... [Read More]
Gov. Scott Walker signed wide-ranging legislation on Tuesday that makes changes in regulations of wetlands and navigable waters that supporters say will benefit waterfront property owners. [Read More]
The stakes of next week's Republican primary contest in Indiana could not be much higher. A Ted Cruz victory could make it all but impossible for Donald Trump to secure the nomination outright.... [Read More]

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