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New rules result from a new law passed earlier this year and pushed by Republican lawmakers and Gov. Scott Walker. [Read More]
Some delegates hope to change convention rules so they don't have to vote for Trump. [Read More]
Full-time teacher salaries declined by about $2,000 on average since Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill that all but eliminating collective bargaining rights for most state employees, according to a... [Read More]
Some of the documents that Gov. Scott Walker's administration is refusing to release include the most basic of information, such as the names of employees who were under investigation. [Read More]
Wisconsin Department of Heath Services Secretary Kitty Rhoades died Saturday, surrounded by her family in Madison, after falling ill this past week, Gov. Scott Walker announced. [Read More]
Gov. Scott Walker's office says Wisconsin Department of Health Services Secretary Kitty Rhoades died Saturday in Madison. [Read More]
Gwen Moore to propose bill requiring tests for returns with itemized deductions of more than $150,000, in response to right's 'criminalization of poverty' Wisconsin governor Scott Walker really, really wants to know if... [Read More]
House Speaker Paul Ryan and Gov. Scott Walker continue to express reservations about what presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says and does on a regular basis. [Read More]
Walker: Headlines are always about negative and bad things so it's no wonder people would feel that way in the polls. [Read More]
The governor placed blame on the media for focusing on the negatives, adding that "headlines are always negative and bad things." [Read More]
All Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wanted to do was celebrate Flag Day. [Read More]
It is useful to read David French's piece today on why – as a matter of rules – delegates to the Republican Convention are not actually bound to vote for Donald Trump alongside... [Read More]
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In a major setback, Health Secretary Kitty Rhoades told lawmakers that the administration is no longer seeking the budget panel's approval for the plan. [Read More]
The Fallout Continues: Gov. Scott Walker Dumps Trump [VIDEO] [Read More]
Governor Scott Walker and Wisconsin congressional leaders lobbied for a consulate in 2013 and the Mexican government approved it in 2014. This will be the 51st Consulate in the U.S. [Read More]
Rumors are beginning to spread that Scott Walker is interested in taking the Republican nomination away from Donald Trump. [Read More]
Scott Walker has said that he would support Donald Trump if he were the nominee, but the Wisconsin governor backed away from that pledge in the wake of Trump's racial attack on the... [Read More]
Republicans back away from Trump as Democrats urge Sanders to head back to Senate June 8, 2016, 3:44 p.m. Hillary Clinton seizes the Democratic nomination and a decisive victory in California's primary. Analysis:... [Read More]
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) appears to be distancing himself from his party's presumptive nominee, saying America has been given "poor choices" for president and Donald Trump should renounce comments he made toward... [Read More]
Records released Friday by Gov. Scott Walker's office in response to a judge's order make clear he sought controversial changes in 2015 to the University of Wisconsin System's mission statement, known as the... [Read More]
Judge Amy Smith on Friday said Walker's office erroneously withheld 12 email exchanges and six of nine attachments. [Read More]
   Governor Scott Walker is telling the federal government to stay out of our schools. [Read More]
A Wisconsin state appeals court has reinstated a right-to-work law that was struck down by a lower court that said it was unconstitutional, granting a stay while the earlier ruling is appealed, the... [Read More]
The latest federal filing shows GOP Gov. Scott Walker still has nearly $900,000 in debt from his unsuccessful presidential run, and that donations to retire it dipped last month. [Read More]
Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm has asked the nation's top court to overturn a decision by Wisconsin Supreme Court to shut down an investigation into Gov. Scott Walker and groups on the... [Read More]
The court's conservative majority split in upholding Superintendent Tony Evers' authority over public schools. [Read More]
In a passionate speech to graduates, Thompson called UW-Madison faculty members "some of the greatest professors in the United States of America." [Read More]
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is the top choice to serve as presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's vice president, a new poll shows. According to the latest Rasmussen Reports survey of registered... [Read More]
His disastrous and short-lived presidential bid now a distant memory, Gov. Scott Walker can finally get back to meddling with affairs of state in Wisconsin.  Just look what's happening in the state capital,... [Read More]
The governor and Republican leaders seem to believe that citizens should be satisfied by their efforts. Polling shows the citizens are not satisfied. [Read More]
Walker is going out of his way to accuse some of our state's most accomplished professors and researchers of being nothing more than a bunch of overpaid, whiny, lazy do-nothings. [Read More]
Not to get all inside-baseball, but news releases issued by Gov. Scott Walker are usually pretty plain, like the white chalk lines that meet at home plate. So, it was a surprise to... [Read More]
I tried.In print, on air, online, and in person, I urged GOP primary voters to send to the White House — chronologically — Scott Walker, Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz. It... [Read More]
I tried. In print, on air, online, and in person, I urged GOP primary voters to send to the White House — chronologically — Scott Walker, Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, and Ted... [Read More]
Governor Scott Walker is among the "least popular" governors in the country - according to Morning Consult conducted a survey of more than 66,0…... [Read More]
UW-Milwaukee faculty, instructor respond to "insulting rhetoric about greedy, lazy professors." [Read More]
UW-Milwaukee became the fourth University of Wisconsin System campus to see professors declare they have no confidence in the system's leaders Tuesday. [Read More]
The move will cost taxpayers $1.125 million in interest over the next eight years. [Read More]
I watched Donald Trump serially blast apart all my preferred candidates -- Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz -- as if for sport they were sent up in succession as clay pigeons.... [Read More]
I watched Donald Trump serially blast apart all my preferred candidates — Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz — as if for sport they were sent up in succession as clay pigeons.... [Read More]

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