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Gov. Scott Walker recently announced steps to address the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease in Wisconsin, but the proposals have little chance of truly impacting the dynamics of CWD. There... [Read More]
As the parent of a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I want my son to have a great education for a reasonable price. As governor, I want that for... [Read More]
A judge has ordered Governor Scott Walker to make the documents about his proposed changes to the UW system's mission statement public. [Read More]
The records released late Friday afternoon all related to Gov. Scott Walker's proposed changes in 2015 to the University of Wisconsin's mission statement. [Read More]
Some people believe higher education's financial woes in Wisconsin began the day Gov. Scott Walker took office in 2011. They would be mistaken. [Read More]
Gov. Scott Walker is annoyed at faculty "no-confidence" votes against the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents and UW System President Ray Cross. It comes as the university system appears ready to make... [Read More]
Gov. Scott Walker released 82 pages of records he wanted to keep secret after a judge ordered them to be made public Friday. The records were related to Walker's proposal in 2015 to... [Read More]
a budget analyst says that Walker "is recommending revising the UW's mission and statement of purpose."The Wisconsin Idea is the long-held belief that the mission of the state's public higher education system extends... [Read More]
Clashing with the Wisconsin Supreme Court, a federal judge threw out claims by a conservative official whose home was searched amid a campaign-finance investigation.     Cynthia "Cindy" Archer filed suit last year over an early-morning... [Read More]
A Dane County judge on Friday ordered Gov. [Read More]
A Dane County judge ordered Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) to turn over public records related to changes his office suggested making to the Wisconsin Idea in the early stages of... [Read More]
Gov. Scott Walker has released 82 pages of records he wanted to keep secret after a judge ordered them to be made public. [Read More]
Judge Amy Smith on Friday said Walker's office erroneously withheld 12 email exchanges and six of nine attachments. [Read More]
The Department of Transportation action expands Gov. Scott Walker's early May emergency declaration enabling tanker truck drivers to work more hours each week so they could complete more runs. [Read More]
A federal judge threw out Cynthia Archer's lawsuit accusing prosecutors of wrongdoing in probe of Walker allies. [Read More]
Ron Johnson holds a hearing on the Tomah VA hospital. [Read More]
The state Supreme Court last year ended an investigation into Gov. Scott Walker's campaign and groups supporting him, but prosecutors are hoping the nation's high court will allow them to revive it. [Read More]
in Washington, D.C. ... [Read More]
Move over, Scott Walker, there's a new biker in town.        ... [Read More]
Wisconsin Governor and balanced-budget hawk Scott Walker's failed bid for the GOP presidential candidacy left him with $1.2 million in debt. (more…) [Read More]
Wisconsin Governor and balanced-budget hawk Scott Walker's failed bid for the GOP presidential candidacy left him with $1.2 million in debt. [Read More]
A federal judge threw out Cynthia Archer's lawsuit accusing prosecutors of wrongdoing in probe of Walker allies. [Read More]
Let there be no doubt about it: Donald Trump has decided. As a result, this general election season won't be like anything the country has seen before. The unceremonious firing of Rick Wiley,... [Read More]
Gov. Scott Walker says UW tuition freezes have saved the average student more than $6,000 over four years. [Read More]
A federal judge's ruling rejecting a lawsuit by a former aide to Gov. Scott Walker who accused prosecutors of overstepping their authority will be appealed. The attorney …... [Read More]
A federal judge has rejected a lawsuit by a former aide to Gov. Scott Walker who accused prosecutors of overstepping their authority. Judge Lynn Adelman's ruling came in a case rooted in a... [Read More]
Hitting the road this weekend? [Read More]
Cindy Archer alleged Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm and his investigators violated her 1st and 4th Amendment rights when they searched her home in September 2011. [Read More]
In dismissing the lawsuit brought by a former aide to Gov. Scott Walker, Judge Lynn Adelman instructed officials to provide him copies of evidence in the probe of Walker's campaign and conservative groups. [Read More]
A federal judge on Thursday threw out a lawsuit a former aide to Gov. Scott Walker brought against prosecutors, and said that a wealth of evidence seized by investigators about Walker's campaign and... [Read More]
An anonymous reader writes: In an effort to pay off his hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt racked up from his failed presidential run, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is renting out his... [Read More]
Gov. Scott Walker has approved a renovation project at the La Crosse Regional Airport. [Read More]
Three local attorneys have applied to Gov. Scott Walker for an opening among Rock County judges when Judge Richard Werner retires in August. [Read More]
The son of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has taken a job working for North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory. [Read More]
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's oldest son has graduated and taken a job in politics. [Read More]
Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin went to bat for New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, praising her as a conservative reformer a day after presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump panned her record... [Read More]
Gov. Scott Walker announced Wednesday the city of Fitchburg will get a $1 million transportation grant to help the city build a new road to help the Sub-Zero appliance facility expand. [Read More]
Donald Trump's campaign announced Wednesday that it was parting ways with its political director, just six weeks after he was hired. The campaign claimed that Rick Wiley, the former campaign manager to... [Read More]
Rick Wiley, who ran Scott Walker's ill-fated presidential campaign and was then hired as Donald Trump's national political director in April, is already being shown the door by the Trump campaign. [Read More]
Former rivals of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump are defending New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez after Mr. Trump said at a rally in Albuquerque this week that Ms. Martinez has to do... [Read More]

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